your dog's
new favorite

"Dog's are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole"
- Roger Caras

You're a special kind of person if you've ended up on this page... and since you're here, that means you have a special kind of pup (or two... maybe even more) in your life. 

The amp dog experience is for all you overly obsessed dog mom's and dog dad's. You probably have thousands of photos of your dog(s) on your phone's camera roll. You're probably subscribed to bark box (guilty). You probably plan your life around your fur babies, and you wouldn't have it any other way (also very guilty). 


it was me...
i let the dogs out

If you're anything like me... you probably trust very few people with your fur babies! So, why should you trust me?

I was a veterinary nurse for six years! I take pride in the care I provided for so many animals during those years. 

Before I was a veterinary nurse, I was a dog trainer! I taught obedience classes, and trained a ton of puppies through a boarding/training program! If you're booking a session for a new puppy, chances are... I might be able to teach him a new trick for you! 

I have three fur babies of my own. If you haven't already looked, check them out in my about me section! I'm all for the sloppy kisses and dog hair! Bring it on!

let's sniff out some details

what's included?

1 hour session. This allows your pup(s) to get to know us and get comfortable before we start bombarding them with a big camera

40+ edited digital images available for download through your password protected gallery

60 miles of travel
Additional mileage will be 50cents/mile

Up to 3 dogs included
Additional dogs are $50/session

10% off a future session with us!

LOTS of treats and belly rubs!

The amp dog experience
begins at $400

sniff some more...

Does my dog have to be off-leash or on-leash?
Your dog's safety always comes first. We will comply with local leash laws. If we're at a location where dog's are allowed off-leash, and you feel comfortable with your pet's recalls, then your pup can be free! We will always determine what's best at each session as outside factors will always play a role in what's best for your pup!

Can I be in some photos?
Absolutely! I will always allow for a some photos of you with your fur-babies!! You'll receive a style guide from me prior to our session to inspire you!

Where will the session take place?
If you have a special location in mind, I'm all for it! If you're interested in a private studio session, we can bring it indoors for an additional fee of $75!

What if my dog is nervous? Really energetic?
Barks a lot?
This is exactly why I allow for 1hour sessions! If your pup has to get the zoomies out... we can sit back and laugh together while it happens. If your pup needs some extra love and treats from me to get more comfortable, I'm all for that too! Don't even worry about the barking... Our dog, Ocoee, has the loudest hound bark. We're used to it!