Georgie the Cocker Spaniel Puppy – Baker Beach Dog Session

July 29, 2020

san francisco dog beach

Y’all… MY HEART!!!! In case you missed it, we’re now offering dog sessions!! I’m not sure why I never thought about this before. I obviously love shooting weddings… but I’m also one of the biggest dog lovers you’ll ever meet! We just had our first session at Baker Dog Beach in San Francisco! I can’t even call this “working”… this was SO MUCH FUN!

Georgie is a 10 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy. His humans are Jackie and Tyler! They were so sweet and such good dog pawrents!!! Jackie told me they weren’t even looking for a puppy. Georgie just sort of fell into their laps! You can see how much they love him!!

We set out for an early morning at Baker Dog Beach in San Francisco. San Francisco has so many beaches and pet friendly places. This was Georgie’s first big adventure outdoors so we got there really early to make sure it wasn’t too crowded and overwhelming for him! We were nervous he would be scared of the wind and waves, and we prepared a backup plan for another location to take photos at if it was too much for him. OH MY GOSH!!! HE LOVED IT!!!

Baker Dog Beach is an off-leash beach. When Georgie became free from his leash, his inner puppy released and he dashed around in the sand and chased after his pawrents! I honestly think Jackie and I were more excited than Georgie was! Haha! We all shared so many laughs and puppy kisses! Oh… not to mention his pawfect puppy breath!!!!

I’m so honored to have taken these sweet photos of their new baby!!! Their happiness just radiates off them!! If you’re interested in seeing more of Georgie, be sure to check him out on his personal instagram @georgiethegreat_!! Enjoy!!

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