Axle is SIX today!!

May 5, 2020

axle birthday photo

Why does 6 sound so old?! I mean in dog years… he’s getting up there. Obviously my emotions are allover the place right now, but I still can’t believe that he’s now 6!!

This dog is the most loyal and loving dog on the planet. Our recent loss being around the same time as his birthday has been particularly hard on me. Axle is going to be the best dog with kids. I know it. I’ve seen him around young kids, I’ve seen him gently lick the face of an infant. His soul is just so pure and I want him around longer for when we have children so they could have him in their lives. I already know he’s going to be the dog that won’t leave that crib at night. Can we just freeze his age so he doesn’t get any older? That would be great.

This dog has been with me through so much. Yes, his ears are really that big. We spoiled him with this new toy that is so entertaining. He’s been playing with it for hours now. I’ll link it here!

Happy Birthday to the most loyal dog. We love you so much, Axle. Thank you for protecting us, loving us, and being the best example for your younger fur siblings who haven’t quite figured out how to be less crazy yet.

dog bow tie
axle birthday boy
axle birthday photo
dog waving
dog elvis lip


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